Friday, May 22, 2009

i got my wig today xD

I got my wig today *phew
went to celyn house actually for account revision
but finally we went to saloon to have hair cut
i brought along my wig and let Ah Yong cut.
i thought that i bring not enough money
fortunately, the price was not expensive as i think *

after that, celyn have went to her friend b'day party
then I walked to Witz house alone
weather quite hot larrr man
can't even stand it

I hate science
insane of it
the paper i have taken today made me not in mood
i'm wondering that the 1st place in the class are not belongs to me anymore
maybe i should think positively
so i won't feel pressure anymore
but think negatively,i'm began to lag behind
dun care.... uhmm
as long as i have tried my best in every subject *except science and mathematics =X
for science. i regreted because i didn't done well on it because last night i have no mood to study on it
so just gave up. really regreted
for mathematics, i'm freaking poor in math. so..

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