Saturday, August 1, 2009


well. thaught that my streamxy recovered and i couldn't control myself again dear GOD still helping me.
after streamxy recovered, PC SPOILED...
and now i'm blogging at Witz's house
this few days,thinking alot of things.
study,future....and also relationship
after meet him up at cinema that day...and meet another someone there *omg
felt that i'm not really can put down him
missing him badly everyday even lesson was carry on in class
How could i stop it ?
but anyway,i have to thank witz for invited him having movie together
at least i'm happy that day . really happy
he gave me a pleasure memory that night .thanks
i'm planning to improve my english after spm examination at SENTRAL College
after that,i planned to study on hotel management at DISTED
but, i don't know is that possible for my parents to afford those fees
many things have to think of it.
gonna insane

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