Sunday, August 30, 2009


changed new theme just now pink world. love it much anyway
going sell clothers and some stuffs with Celyn soon
hope that really can earn some extra money larr ><

and,finally streamxy connected
that why i am online-ing now
went Celyn's house yerterday.
of course was that lao yi came fetched me
really wanna praise her dyyy
became stable while riding motor.
don't fly up k my darling. xD
went to Hidden Receipe then accompanied Celyn to Mcd
then i walked back to Witz's house
but. quite tired yesterday night so slept at Witz's house unconsciously
this morning, went to old house prayed to my ancesstors
allah. can't stand fot those tasty food lar.
so at last ......
that all fot today larr, gonna watch tv dyyy
buai buai =)

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