Wednesday, September 2, 2009


i heard a bad new from someone just now
knew that he already had a gf now
and my tears dropped down uncontrolly
"then good lo." was the msg i replied to the one who told me the new
but actually it was a fake respond
luckily, S comforted me.
he didn't angry me.
i know it unfair to him
sorry and thank you.

And another unhappy thing happened
During assembly,you know how did principle described our class ?
there were no other reason why principle use such word to scold us
the main reason was our class always made noise till nearly tagged in blacklist
and everyone in the class will have GRADE D when receicve parchment
is that real ?
is is real then just have one feeling...
that is JOYLESS
hope those in class will cotrol their voices la.


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