Sunday, September 13, 2009

Account revision

ok, went to Sg 2 KFC with my classmate today (Z.M , S.S , P.Y , H.X)
and another girl from another class (Esther)
after tuition, I was straight forward to there
i thought i would be late
but too bad, i'm not
i'm the first one reached there
20 minutes later, they reached.
and i was reading komsas that time
damn, i have forgotten tomoorow was BM Paper 2
just forget it then.
started our document revision.
then Yuran, Realisasi, and others
haa. what Pai and Ming did there ?
dance the chicken dance there
made us laughed non-stop there
really funny.
after that, when we went out from KFC
saw one pink Motorbike was Esther's motorbike
ohhh noo.. is really attracted me
i like it very much
i suggested Esther let me fetch her
hahaha. without license again
i wore her helmet which mean by she didn't wear helmet.
i wondered if we bump police then sure will very 'pai kua'
well, tomorrow start trial exam
wish luck to everyone who sit for the exam
and Happy Birthday to Vivian Koay
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Vivian
Happy Birthday to you.


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