Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Usual day

so sad, i failed my math paper
i had already tried my best.
but still....
but a good new for me, i passed my history paper with an unexpected marks *phew
although bc's paper was improved,but i'm still not satisfied on it
Kc and Sivik's paper got 90 marks
uhmmm. at least this two subjects were comforting me.
Overall, not bad for this time exam
but still can better...

Nice ?
After back from school,thaught that i can have a nap
but my sister didn't work today.
She asked me to accompany her to see doctor and car wash
Fine, accompany her luuuu
See that car shown upside, my sister's car .
became snow car ?
haa. NO.
i think you should know what's that la.

Lastly,tomorrow is a important day for somebody.
It was my darling Celyn Lao Yi birthday.
huiyooo.i think she gonna celebrate with her BB la.
Btw, Happy Birthday to you.

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