Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday (13-4-2010)
hmm. due to badminton changed time to 8pm
so dated ah beh to Queens searching for our dinner dresses
hanging around 2 hours, we searched Nothing
so high tea at JCO Donut =D
Zm came and met us up too

looks nice huh ? but its too sweet for me =(

promoting donut ? xD

after that,we saw an event which held at centre zone
many people dressed up theirself and acted like movie character
and do you remember Freddy ?
yesh, Nightmare on the ELM Street
omg, we chased by him that time
we kept ran and ran but he was still chasing at the back
everyone looked and laughed at us
what a shameful moment ? ='(
even we knew he was a fake freddy
the mask that he wore was damn horror wattt
no choice, we stopped and Ah Beh said Hello to him
he still used his hand which made by steel to point at Ah Beh's face
za bor, what a good experience huh ? =D

toys story 3

went back about 6pm
received Mic's phone call,she asking me to prepare and coming 5 mins later
simply shower then went to badminton dyy
my day just ended up with few matches of badminton

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