Saturday, August 11, 2012

I'm Back :)

WoAhhh! It have been 7 months, more than half year that i didn't update my bloggie.
I think i'm thoroughly forgot how the way to write a blog.
    Well, just started my new semester. And it's my final semester to get my diploma certificate.
    The previous result was not that good, but i'm satisfied with it because i'm still able to pass in my econs's paper. This is the only subject that i worried and start trembling to get the result from lecturer.
Ok, the picture shown above told everything.
Seriously ! I really don't understand with those 'girls' always need people's boyfriend to fetch them when they don't have transport or whatsoever. I can understand when you're really in the situation when you no transport, but not always ok ? Petrol also need money right ?
Hello,how old are you d ? when you're first day step in the college, i think you should manage to arrange your own transport instead of just keep ask others to fetch you. They don't have to.
Or maybe you can hire a driver ? but not my boyfriend !
I even got to drive myself everyday here and there instead of asking my own boyfriend to fetch me. Put your foot in my shoes and think of the girlfriend's feeling.
Whatever, the main point is I GOT JEALOUS ! *LOL

Finally i went to Bangkok during the semester break. 
What I can say about Bangkok is, Fantastic !
I love the food there, people there are friendly, tall building, and the most important one is the cheap stuff there. I'm 100% sure that girls would be like this place so much. Enviroment there was good, and have the well transportation and accommodation. 
we can see different lifestyle, culture that Malaysia don't have.
Heheeee , this is  the first trip that I ever had with my babes, boyf in other country. Best memories ever :D
I will come and visit you again , Bangkok ! <3 p="p">

Going to stop here. Bubhhyeeeee :)

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