Tuesday, April 21, 2009


today was raining for whole day

kinda sleepy and felt cold in the class
but, no choice.
have to open up my eyes bigly

if not sure get punishment from teacher
Mr.Lee was irritated by our class
because of them didn't do his homework.
We have disappointed him
just leave 4 people sitting on their own place (including me )
he told us won't photostat more than 10 question for us dyyyy
and won't discuss with us anymore
i totally don't know what that chapter talking about
what should i do ?

went to Greenlane MCD for revision today with Witz and Celyn
we took picture at there.
and i just did only two question for account.
did some notes for history
tat alls for my revision
holly shit
ps:didn't post any picture of mine. because hair cut by the freaking teacher

tatz all for today

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