Wednesday, April 22, 2009


i miss him.
i regret to let him go.
i regret didn't give him chance again.
i regret didn't ride on his motorbike when i was be with him.
i regret. regret. regret.
i miss that day he was grasped my hand.
i expected he will ask me for chances again but at last he doesn't did it.
i have lost him.
what shall i do ?
do he have girlfriend now ?
even though, last time i'm not deeply know him but i'm still thinking of him.
why ?
I felt many people was jeer at me.
jeer at me because of my stubborn.
he do not want to chat with me obviously.
am i annoying him right now ?
i think nope.
because quite a long time I didn't contact with him and he too .
i have gave up thoroughly.
we have been broke for 2 years.
i don't know whether he was fine or not i don't dare to ask him.
i scared he know that i'm still loving him.
i'm just timid as a rabbit.
what the hell i'm doing there.
although now he was studying in TARC college.
i knew that there should be many pretty girl he can fall in love to.
i hope he don't have girlfriend until i have finish my form 5 life
maybe i have the last chance to be with him or maybe after form 5. i meet another guy that i like
am i too selfish ?
shall i believe in lost chance never return again ?
just forget about it . . . .
concentrate on my study better

today i was get shocked by Pai Yik and Boon Lee
they were trying to solve the account question
really can't believe it
i have to surrendered
because they can found out the answer but i cannot
keep it up guys.
our class result will be more better than 1A exam.

i'm trying not to sleep in the afternoon.
but can i ?
felt tired la man.
but if i sleep in the afternoon
i don't have enough time to study
how ??

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