Friday, April 24, 2009


well, i didn't make it to our school sport day today
kinda boring for me today
but luckily today was my sis off day
so at least have a partner accompany me
*fortunately, didn't go to stadium,because was raining today xDDDDD *

we considered to eat KFC as our dinner meal
but my mummy has asked me to use the expired voucher to pay the bill
duhhh. i felt shy larrr
there were many people around me
i scared the cashied say:''sorry, your voucher have been expired.''
so in the end. i didn't use the voucher
i have to lie my mummy that i have been used the voucher
bull shit.

after finished the meal. take a bath
then cleaned up my room
what a messy room that i had never saw before ?
after that, i have started study
felt sleepy now.
have to take a nap then wake up in the midnight continue add oil dyyyy
peace ^^V

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