Sunday, April 26, 2009

out going day xD

photo by celyn
whose breast bigger ?

'ban yau wat'

captured by Celyn

Witz & Liz

She & Her

She & Her again xD

today was so excited
went to Witz house and accompanied her to car services
uhmmm. kinda boring there
then next show ....
after Witz and I have been made up
we went to a playground where nearby celyn house for photoshooting
we have many post there
LOLit was quite interesting
Celyn and Witz took POINT BREAST pictureLOL
whose bigger ?uhmmm
after that, we went to heng ee food fair
many people were there
and i went there have a main reason. that isss...
we buy nothing there
just walk two round then continued our function

on the way back. something happened
i saw him. finally i saw him
he was standing beside the traffic light with his friend.
i keep looking at him but he didn't know
but his fried saw me .he tell him that i'm in the car
i shouted loudly and my tears came out from my both eyes uncontrolling
Vivian have shocked by me with open her mouth bigly LOL
He sms me, told me that he saw me.i phone him and said:''yes, i saw you too..''
'u just come,but i have to go back dyy.going to Queens for you wanna join us ?''i asked
but he don't want
why i cried ?
this is the first time happened this thing on me.
but i felt satisfied. cause finally I SAW HIM

went to Queensbay watched COMING SOON
Witz have watched before. but i do really hope to watch it
so in the end. she has accompanied me.
thanks ya girl. love you much
it was quite scary.
but the funny things is celyn and witz close up their eyes when the ghost was coming out
both of you are really killing me xD
anyway,have to thanks this two lovely girl accompanied for whole day .

waiting for MONDAY PLAN
study then exercise.
i love it.
this is the life that what i wanted.
someone said that if i become fit, will looks perfect
is that really ?
i hope too larrr.hehes

going to bed now.
tommorow still have to make it to tuition in the morning

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