Wednesday, May 13, 2009


take photo with Li Yong

HOw pretty she was?

uhmm. today brought handphone to school
hehes. naughty leh
Woei Kang, Daniel, Pai Yik took my phone.
they watched the Ah Ken 'gila dance'
they were hyper excited when watched the dance
then i asked them:''ehh.abo you all also dance like him lorr, then i record for you all.''= =
they answered me:''don't crazy, we don't have such body thin as him''.

after that, attended economic tuition at school
today was quite well. didn't feel sleepy in the class *wink
took some photots with my lovely Li Yong
then one gang have came in
they said:''OMG, 'zi pai' pulak
we were inwardly squirm by the unwanted attention = =
whispering for awhile
After tuition, then walked to foyer waiting my mummy come and fetch me
my mummy asked my sister come and fetch
but she didn't did it
at last,my mummy came and fetch me
quite angry till gonna cry out dyyyyyyy
let me waited for such a long times there

ahemmm. what for you showed me your penis ?
that was not enough big kay ?
fuck off please
saw this things twice a month
nowadays people were not conservative
what a day ?

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