Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Exam Exam Exam ><

Fucking Shit !
Streamxy damn
cant online for this few days because of the stupid streamxy
keep asking for troubles
the TMNET people were just came just now
fortunately, recovered !
by the way, i have to happy for the streamxy can't function this few days
so i just can concentrated on my study this few days
i took my economic paper today.
for me ,its a lil difficult
because last night i can't even key in the point in my mind

but luckily, i still can answered few question =X
Slept about 3- 4 hours each days
sleep at 12am. wake up at 3a.m in the morning
china big big panda have been appeared in M'sia dyyyy *laughing
Sejarah Paper gfor tomorrow
Kill me please
i have no idea to do the paper . . . . .

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