Monday, June 1, 2009


Have breakfast with my sista at Super Tanker this morning
then she went work dyy

after that, my daddy brought one bookcase back
he wanted to put it in my room
but i refused.
because the colour not matched my room colour
looks not nice i tink. uhmmm
but he said:''beh pai kua ma. like that your room looks nicer.''
okkk. no choices.
just yield to his arguement then
then he went to work again.
he witting brought that bookcase for me although he was working
but i have threaten him like that
felt sorry to him ><

i have found out someone was good in english *through blogger
grammer and vocabulary that he used totally attracted me
goshhhhhhh.i can learn english from another 1 again
he was my classmate last year
but i'm not going to figure him out *wink
thought he lenggan lenggan like that
gave me a sudden shocked
i'm not looked down at you kay. dun misunderstand ya

went jogging with celyn and mantao today
met my primary school friend there
Mr.Ooi ?? aha . still remember your name xD
we represented school to badminton compete last time
but he looks doesn't know who am i
i changed alot or he had disremember me dyy ?

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