Wednesday, June 3, 2009

DAY4 & DAY 5

Day4 (2-6-09)

well, suppose to watch Night At The Musuem 2 today
but,let my sister put me roket again
so stayed at home whole day and ate 'maggie mee' as my lunch
at night, my brother went back having dinner with us
such a long time my family didn't dinner togather dyy
i love seafood
so i suggested them to have seafood tonight
they obeyed .so we went to 'Hai Boey' to have our dinner
i had never saw such expensive prawn before
RM20 for each prawn ? omgggggg
i have hallucination there ?
the conclusion tonight is we have tried somthing special there.
and experienced those costliness prawn . ahaaaa

DAY5 (3-6-09)

green tea

seafood set (SAKAE)

he don't know i captured this xD

watched TERMINATOR today at Queensbay with Beng, Clement,Vincent,Elly,Eric and also 'mini prawn '
saw many 'lalazai' , 'lalamui' there
it was a flashback for me.
when i were in form1 and form2.
my style totally same as them *fear fear
for me the movie not bad.
quite interesting
as long as not boring as i have expected
after movie, ahhhaaa
for sure, i have ordered my lovely seafood set.
yesh !! i love salmonnn much
then,went back to Eric house.
another movie for us.幸福万岁
i watched this movie twice in a month *swt
i wan to watch Night At The Musuem larrr. nobody accompany me watch *annoyed
BBQ tomorrow.
hope can enjoy it well

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