Saturday, May 2, 2009


don't know who tat LOL



what are you doing there ?

yesterday night , i still felt moodless
so, i had sms Simon.
asked him to accompanied me to sms
he was just finished work. about 12a.m sumthing
i told him why i am under the weather

i am upset
i can't believed that Li Yong suffered from CANCER
never believe
but this is a fact
when i knew this new.
i cried under controlled
why god should treathen a person like that ?
but can't blame it at all.
girl. you have to be strong.
we are all friends here to accompany you

yesterday night
i had shared my worries with Witz
i told her many many things.
felt comfortable after told her

today, went to Queensbay again
went there for every weeks

is that crazy ?
mic will come fetch me later
for badminton at GOLD COAST
hope can enjoy it well and forget all those bad things

addicted to poker face (song) . nice
can have i hear xD

peace ^^V

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