Monday, April 27, 2009

Life that i wanted

what a meaningful day i have passed today ?
after went back from school
Witz have fetched me to KFC.
we enjoyed our meal there
after that, we studied at there
celyn was exhausted because she has went to her school sport day
she promised me will take a nap then join us to jogging

fortunately she didn't put me an aeroplane .
if not ...
you will know what happen xD
About 5pm, we went to fetched celyn. changed our sport suit
then went to Relau Park for jogging
we did some exercise there
this is the first time i felt closed to nature.
likes the feel very much.

after that, we went to buy some fruits as our dinner meal
keep fitting =/
then went yto Witz house swimming.
so bad, i don't know how to swim = =
finished swimming
our mind have refreshed
then continued study again

we're really carried on our plan successfully
i love this life much

(*ps: photos will be upload later )

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