Sunday, May 10, 2009

there were gymnastic compete there
the small childen there were so cute.i like it

before going out xD

went to Queensbay again
the main reason is to pay my wig money
when i gave the seller money only realised that girl was christina
get shocked of it.
she was pretty. =)
accompanied celyn bought present for her mother as Mother's day present
Witz and I also bought a card for our mummy
we found out someone was so unmatured although you are older than us
your action looks familiar.
oh ya, same with your lovely sister,right ?
saw us then acted don't know us. LOL
luckily,we didn't have the same attitude like you
so, i say HI to you. =)
then, went back to Witz house
this time, is my turn got sickness
sore throat, flu, caugh ?
like fever,but actually not fever
don't know how to describe it too =X
at night, we went to pasar malam
i met my old friend Ai Ling there with a boy
hehes. is that your boy friend ya ?
waiting for Mic fetch me back.
but at last, she have forgotten to call me.
so i stayed at Witz house last night.
OMG,today i saw the siao lang PCC when i am mounted up to the stairs
you want do don't know go back your house do ah?
shameless ><
gonna finish up my homework dyyy
that alls for today ..
Happy mother's day for my mummy =)

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