Friday, May 8, 2009



last night, witz have stayed at my house.
girl, finally you escaped from the love trap
you should thank me because i helped you setttle it dyyy xD
i think i can be a acter one day dyyy


today Wei Chyn told me Li Yong fainted at toilet
i get shocked
don't know what respond should i give her
she scolded me don't try to give apportunity for Li Yong go for hiking.
i know that hiking not suitable for her now.
but she really do like to make it to hiking
she told me that SHE CAN. TRUST ME
girl, i know that you wished to pass all the time with us
but, take care of your body kayy ?
we tried to act nothing happen on you.
but actually we were worrying you
(i know you can't view my blog =) hehes
be happy. and don't think those negative thingy. everything will be fine soon

holly shit.
suffer from sore throat.
felt so uncomfortable
gona sick dyyy
freaking homework super many nowadays
spot checked today, stupid prefect no chance confiscate my contraband
too bad xD
not enough time for me to finish my study dyyyy
going to have a nap now.

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