Tuesday, June 30, 2009

BIrthday post


MY Birthday Cake
they sang to me *wink
hoho~ watched "porn there" =X
what happened ?
they wanna push my head to the cake =X
food ordered that day
before & after
Happy Family
Ah Paik & Giok Hean
YUcksss.whats that ?
hahaha.lose dyy have to lick up the cake
playing game
Me . Li Yong . Vivian

huiyooo.passed few days then only updated my blog.
because i ain't upload those pic bertween this few days
haa....28 of June were my birthday
but i celebrated it on Saturday
after school.we went to MCD for celebrating
i wanted to thanks my buddies that let me passed a memorable birthday
(Vivian, Li Yong, dear,Ah Pai,GIok Hean,Daniel,Isaac,Sheng Siang,Huan Xing,Woei Kang,Tao Yong)
i don't have the feeling of blowing the candle, people sing birthday song for me long time ago
didn't celebrated birthday with so many classmates before
what to say ?
they did many gila things there.
i do really felt happy on that day. thanks again my buddies
thats all.
those picture could showed what we have done that day*MUahahahHA
enjoy !

before go out
Nice shoot.Watermelon.Apple.Hawaii Blue
Salman with Terriyaki

after went back from MCD.
Witz invited me out that night.
yea. i won't passed my birthday at 12 o'clock alone
ahha. i called Celyn too
we went to Coffee Island near by Gurney Palza
Met Chee Loon there.hair became longer huh *LOL
He wished me.but its was only 9o'clock that time
well. i ordered Salmon.
ARGgghrhhh...MY LOVE

Today was my birthday
i don't felt happy actually
when i'm in the way back from tuition, i saw an accident.
DARN. two dead
When saw those workers put a big black plastic bag on the death
i felt thrilled.
then, went to Queensbay with my dear
met Ah Beh & CheeYing there
the same, bought alot of things there
bought one make up remover.it was not bad to use.like a handkerchief
then bought a coat from Acewin
lazy to compelete this post dyy
buai buai

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