Friday, June 26, 2009

no tittle 3__

cookies in the baker =]
Celyn wrote this
cookies that haven't pour in the chocolate
the lao yi xD
stirred the flour
cookies. * yum yum
loves this much

okayyy. quite a long time didn't blogging
sad news, i knew that i got 3rd palce in the class
shows how useless i am.because i'm lag behind from them
what to do ?
go all out in study now !
the PIG didn't made it to school today
and my sivik exercise were borrowed to him
let teacher's deducted 2 marks
i will claim from you de. hiak hiak
yesterday after class.missed bus
then 3 of us, Khuan Chin, In Ching and me walked to 'dua lo au' there waited bus
first time sat Rapid
actually fear of it =/
it was late, so i just straight forward to Celyn house
aha, she was suggested another way to celebrate my birthday
we made cookies and cake by ourself *celyn mother's lend us a hand
my first time bake cakes in the kitchen .Wooooo
it was interesting to see the cake in the baker, beated the eggs and flour
waooo, nice and delicious *haaaaa
its real, no lies !
and thanks to my darling lao yi. muax

well, tomorrow i'm going to celebrate bitrhday with my classmates
there were 15 of us go MCD after school *but only 3 girl there
hope the MCD expolde *wahahaha
hope can enjoy it well
ps: felt sorry to someone =/ soryyy.......

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