Wednesday, June 10, 2009

DAY 10, 11

DAY 10 (8-6-09)
stayed at home whole day.
took out the history text but ain't to study on it
because pc was infront of me.
click here click there then passed my day.
what a lazy me ?

Mantao came to find me in the afternoon
she wanted edit her photos because her pc was spoil
then,we went to Island Red Cafe for knock off
it was nearby my house.
just opened between this few days.
i ordered Nasi Lemak,Mantao ordered chicken porridge *yumyum
the cafe just like OLD TOWN
of course,the price sorta same like OLD TOWN
it was 2 in a.m
my phone rang.
he said scared to lost me, want togather with me forever and ever
ohh noo.
gave me a sudden shocked
having our conversation about one and a half hour
may i think a change for the better ?
oppsss. dare not to think so muchh
i told myself not to believe flirt *wink
it may bring HARM & HURT in the end of your love story
i dreamed him last night. *SWT

PS://i knew Witz sure think that people was Bayu =X
wrong wrong wrong

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