Tuesday, June 9, 2009

DAY 7, 8, 9

DAY7 (5-6-09)
nothing special. still stayed at Mic condo

DAY8 (6-6-09)
went to badminton again
the same.won every matches *evil laugh

DAY9 (7-6-09)
after woke up. i have asked Vincent fetched me back for tuition
unfortunately, Yee Boon car clamped
it was seriously irritated him
because have to pay RM50 to get back his car
after tuition. i have made to our primary school gathering
first, we went to teacher's house
ate Rojak prepared by teacher
too bad,i ain't to taste spagethi cooked by my lovely teacher
such a long time didn't meet up
everyone there was glamorous
they suggested go for movie
so we have went to Queensbay
Omggggg. Queensbay again ><

you see you see. what she's doing huh ?

there were 7 people at the back. how cool was it ?
Zi Sean & BOon Chiat
Freindship =)
girls always like photo

Me & Xiao Mei
we watched Monster vs Alien
that movie bored us =X
but i love the caterpillar the most.it was so so so cute.
after that, we having our dinner at 'Jin Wan'
we enjoyed merrily there
thus,everyone bound to have a sweet memory on that day
i miss all of you . muax

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