Thursday, June 11, 2009

DAY 13

The girl was pretty .Christine
the OLD WOMEN.Ganush
well, last night didn't watch Night at the musuem but watched Drag Me To Hell in the midnight
LOVE this movie much
because it was ghost movie. MY FAVOUR. haaa
scary and made everyone keep shouting in the cinema. *awful awful
enjoyed the movie well
Witz came to my house online for awhile.
about 9 something .Witz went to fetch her friends
1st,Ya Yee. then Vivian. next Gaik Ling after that Angie
this were my first time joined them
they were kinda funny and friendly
but too bad, i ain't to join them till the next morning because my daddy calling me back
and and forgotten to take photos with them =/
Ha. Nice to meet you girls. all of you Rockzz
Wish to hang out together next time.ahahaha

School going reopen soon.
But I never touch my account exercise yet
HELPPPP *screaming
Duhhhh… many exercise larrr ><
Today didn’t hang out. But I dun have the passion to do my home-tasks or study.*eff

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