Sunday, June 14, 2009


DAY14 (12-6-09)

went to Celyn house today
Actually for hair cut
no comment for this time. because it was DAMN SHORT
i hate it
after that, mummy came fetched me to old house
My aunty bday
so celebrated her bday there.
Happy Birthday to you yaa =)


well, having badminton today
Vincent them came up to my house
because i haven't finish bathing
stayed at my house about 1 hour like taht because it was raining
when we gonna go out
Bloody hell
we have been locked in the house
Vincent locked the door
and the lock doesn't have any key can open it
in the end, have to call the locksmith to open it
RM30 ??
Unexpected PRICES

DAY16 (14-6-09)

went tuition early in the morning.
well, i think many negative thingy during this few days
is that i am useless in the world ?
YES.obsolutely, i am
i can't made well on my study, relationship,and even outlooking
What the hell i am living in this world ?
what for ?
tomorrow,school going reopen.
and i couldn't finish up my homework and even study
actually, before holiday
i planned finish revise sejarad and the notes *other subject too
but i ain't to make it
secondly, i planned reduce my weight
but i keep on hang out
i couldn't bear the delicious food in front of me. at last , i ate it
i don't want people tease at me
how could i be slim if this happened continuously ?
thirdly, why someone could be pretty like angel but someone could ugly like hell ?
is that god's fault ?
maybe people would think that i'm felt jealousy on who are pretty
yes. i am
Fear,Heartburning,Lose,Desperate was the mood i having now
fouthly, result of mid-year exam will be out tomorrow,
i am sure that i couln't have an excellent result that i wanted
i thought this will be a meaningful holidays for me, but now i don't think so
Is that a curse for me ?
I'm a unsuccessful person
i don't have anything but i have nothing

*celyn lao yi need ur help dy. wash brain =X Dying here dy

nowadays, i realised that guys really 'chi ko'
what to say ? hmm

skip it, if not someone will think that i'm talking about him =X
what i swear i done it well
as long as i ain't easily fall in love with someone
i told Celyn i don't know why once one guy unburdened himself to me
i would lost interest to them
in case,i experienced it many times
maybe they're not the type of boy i like *wink
anyway, be myself is the most important
think positively and fight for SPM

left 157 days only. *helpp

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