Tuesday, September 22, 2009



pretty ! isn't her ? photo by Liz

well, promised Mic want accompany her for hair cut
but too bad, the shop closed
so have to choose another day dyyy
phone rang, Celyn invited me went to her house to photoshoot
soon, everything well done (made-up, dressing)
then started our fun
but, I'm in bad condition today
so didn't take any photos
helped Celyn took few
have to apologize to her cause made her can't enjoyd well today
phone rang again, Mic invited me to bowling
but i'm having stomachache that time (female problem)
so rejected the invitation d

Finally went to watch 'Where Got Ghost' Yesterday
loves the movie much
it was damn funny *clap clap
Then went for dinner at Sg Pinang
Many hawker stalls there
hard to make choices to choose what to eat *sweat
after that,they wanna go Infinity after dinner
but all of us totally exhausted
so noted end of today ~

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