Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thanks, Mummy

well, Moral and Economic's paper today
quite well i think.
but don't know whether can score A again in econ paper not
keep sweating while reading the question
this 2 days keep cried out unconciously
maybe was thinking of Kc's paper or pressure la.
really felt unwilling on it
i didn't cheat on that paper wadd
without any evidence then booked that person death pernalty
whatever la, just have to thank my mummy
and i have to apologize to her
she was worrying me
she didn't scold me but still comforting me
she was still blame teacher why don't give me a chance
Thank you and sorry, mummy.
do miracle will happen on me ?
Kc's marks return back to me ?
Lolz, think too much dyyy
i promised will work hard and get high marks in other subject to cover Kc's paper
cheEr ~

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