Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kedah Trip

The view of the paddy farm

Nice ? The mountain

The maid were busy bunched up the beads for us

Took this in the car while waiting them buying things
The Crystal which the boss said it is avoid radiation from the computer

went Kedah today visit to a big mountain name Gunung....
arrr. don't remember whats the name just translate it to Crystal Mountain baa
there were selling lots of crystal. (take a look the pictures which shown upside)
there were 4 cars which mean we have 20 peoples joined the trip
quite interesting
the mountain placed in a place like kampong
we can viewed the scene of paddy well
i like the view much because felt fresh
actually, they planned to go another place after visit to the mountain
but we have to put down the idea because it was kinda late dyyy
well, mummy bought me a necklace, leglet, and bracelet in pink *wink
and... my mummy really a big spender
she bought alot of crystal there
i love the one with lights much
before back home, we went to hawker stall somewhere at BM to have our dinner
ahhaa. ate 'LOK LOK' there
such a long time didn't eat this dyyy.
stop here.i'm began tired here
oh ya,tomorrow have to wake up early
promised dear and Wilson go to MCD study
as a conclusion, today was a memorable day for me
Happy Family Day !

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