Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Consider tired today
hmm, finally done my lenses profile
and left few photos didn't upload only
then went my grandma's house whole day
ishhh. my aunty them started buy clothes for my bro's wedding dinner d
but mummy and me seem like doens't take action yet ='(
when on the way back to old house, mummy let me drove her car
but I don't really understand something,
Why she keep shouting at me ? Hmmm.
for me, i don't think it was speedy.
but, for her ? i have no comment Teehee
she said :'' I afraid of sat beside you .'' = =
Ok, fine.
Btw, i think i suit to be single
i just can't imagine that how insane when i am really in relationship
as my babe know, i am the one don't like people pestering me
really irritating me !
haaa. maybe i really in love-phobia dyyyy
what's my sister said was definitely right
GIRL, don't need rely on GUY anymore
GIRL, need money and can do whatever she want
now, what i wish to get is MONEY !
so don't need to thnik anything else.
Yesh !

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