Friday, April 23, 2010

seriously, my panda eyes getting worst

you can hear that my streamxy always spoil
no doubt for this time
i totally can't use it around 1 weeks dyyy
i'm gonna mad u know
1 weeks just like passing one year
the Tmnet ppl still don't want send their stuff to fix those problem
even called them for so many time
and i'm always stayed at home recently
didn't hang out or whatever
just imagine that how boring was I at house
and the weather was freaking hot nowadays
i don't know why the stupid line can use suddenly
caused i tried it everyday and every hours
finally connected !
felt so 'pek chek'
just ignore me, i'm just simply crapped something here =)

good in posing ,huh ?
suddenly found those photos from mummy's drawer
Yeshh, i am who i am
i think i'm cute when i'm young.
what do you think ? Teehee
currently, felt so confused with relationship problem
should I ?
of course, anyone here will compare this one and another one
but the most important is FEEL,right ?
for me, i choose not to make any decision now.
he would be my Mr.Right ?
Who know ?

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