Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sick. party. thats all

they were preparing the foods on the table

OH yeah. i like it xDD

funny Eric

my room xD

happy birthday to my 'dua kor '

kept wanted take photo ><

effing porridge i have eaten this morning
made me food poisoning
vomiting for whole day and I slept whole day in the house
suffering alot

about 7pm . i went to old house
we have a party there
for celebrated my aunty birthday
everyone were waiting to devour the contents on the plate
me too...

Witz kept wanted to took phto for blogging
took this took that.
people eating also took photo
after that, witz, mic and me having chit-chatted at there
they taught me some skill to answer moral essay
told me the ways to study
i admitted my memory was too weak.
i can't do well in memorizing
how can i improve it ?

today.i have sms him
but he looks doesn't like to chat with me
we chatted for a short time then stopped dyy..

about 10pm.
i have went home
finished ironed my uniform then packing up my school bags
that all for today .

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