Friday, June 5, 2009

DAY6 BBQ Night

my dear . pretty isn't her ?
the view

chicken wings xD

Michelle and me


Elly & Mic


sat on the floor = =


dear came my house yesterday
she wore my fake hair took some photos
and i taught her the way to made up
she was so excited there
i get shocked
she was extremely pretty after wore the wig
i can't believe it
about 5pm, dear have went back
i started prepared and went to BBQ
unfortunately, Witz suffered from sick
so she ain't made it to
they persuaded me not to give up my math while waiting Tcc back from tuition
they said:'' math is the only one subject could help you score,at least you must credit.''
but can i make it ?
i hate math much
they said everyone here could help you,dun worry, girl
i appreciated it. thank guys for advising
i will try my best and do well on it
we were filled with joy there
chit-chating, sang, anddd Tcc played Tai Chi there
roar with laughter there. aha
they bought VODKA there
Clement drank the most.
so he was the one who drunk
holly shit
i'm gaining kilo again
mana boleh macam ni ?? duhhhhh

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