Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yeahhh ! 4 of us again. went Gurney after headed to Red to find Paul Tan
hmm... if not wroong, i almost drink the whole bucket of Heineken that night
because i'm really upset that time
but now, i turned happy go lucky again

Okay, Chinese New Yeear mood had turned on
as usual , Chu1 always have to go my grandma's house to 'collect' ang pau
Babe boy came my house at Chu 2
it's ok, my parents had went out
He fetched me to grandma house and finally met my mummy
and you've see all my mummy's side relatives
and yet, i met his family on chu3 night
ur daddy are so damn cute
but how dare you lie me that you're going to find your friend inside redbox !!
but actually there were 20 of your family members inside there
and let me picked A BIG ANG PAU on the way go in the room
anyway, it's surprising me .
Thanks baby <3>
Aww! buddies came to my house on Chu4
and it was W.K birthday
having a small and simple celebration for him
Happy Birthday ya ;)
3 endao xDD
6 lengluiiss xDDD
after that, we went Sunway carnival to pass the day
having our lunch @ Chicken Rice Shop
Yee Sang Yee Sang...
sounds good, but taste not really good. ><
We were having our dinner at Tambun
oh nooo~ i'm craving for so long
seafood dinner ! *yumyum*
Group picha :)
followed S.S's car and we off to 1st Avenue
he's havivng movie with Shyun
and babe boy just simpily window shopping with me
and we're waiting for the next station
High tea-ing @Old Town
this is what we waiting for
-Steamboat at Steve's house
too bad, babe boy is not inside the picture, brcause he was the camera man ;)
I had passed a joyful new year this year, and i really enjoyed the day with my family, buddies and especially my babe boy this year
glad to have all of you
Wish all of you stay healthy and happy always
i love you all :)

In the other way, babe boy were facing some problem these day
I hope you will always stay strong but not knock down by those thing easily
I know you can do it.
You're always happy-go-lucky person as everyone know
face it bravely, i'm here always support you
I knew recently there are also problem in our relationship
but we promised each other won't think too much again last night
Dear, i love you <3
jia youusss !!

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